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Common Problems faced while after mattress purchase

Common Problems faced while after mattress purchase - Shinysleep

There are many problems occur when you buy a mattress. As we can’t buy a mattress daily and it is a one-time investment. So we can’t afford to choose a bad mattress. Because a bad mattress can make you tired throughout the day and a feeling of restlessness after laying on it.

Bad mattresses can also lead to soreness and could even cause severe back pain.
So it is very necessary to buy a good mattress and for that, we are here to help you so that you can avoid common problems that are faced by a lot of people after purchasing a mattress every single day.

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Following are the common problems faced while after mattress purchase:

  • Heating Problems: Based on the chemical density of the mattress, it gets heated up. It soaks the majority of the heat from your body and environment inside your room. As a result, it could heat up at night and meanwhile cause discomfort. 
    It is almost near to impossible to get a practical experience on a heating problem at the offline and online stores. With a trial of 1-2 minutes, you have no chance to understand the heating issue.

    The best way to get rid of this heating issue is by checking the chemical composition used in the mattress. So you can go with the mattress whose chemical composition is low as it doesn’t cause any heating problem.

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  • Motion Transfer: Motion transfer typically refers to the feeling that you would get on the mattress when your partner moves. More or less, all mattresses offer some motion transfer. So go with the mattress that guarantees minimal motion transfer.


  • Bouncy Feeling: Bouncy feeling with mattress is quite exciting and fun when you experience it first. However, it’s not the perfect issue if you’re coming up with on buying bed mattresses.
    The bouncy feeling can cause an extremely nuisance during sleeping. It may lead to different kinds of sleeping problems and eventually result in sleeplessness.  So, you need to check whether the mattress is bouncy or not. There is a quick tip to identify bouncy mattresses. You just need to check the thickness.

    If thickness seems standard, it would be fine. If the depth is higher than average, it could be bouncy.

  • Chemical Smell: alongside heating, many people also get a chemical smell from some mattresses. This chemical smell happens, especially when chemical density is high. That is why organic mattresses are most popular over the past few years. Such mattresses do not offer chemical smell. They also do not provide heating issues.

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We have worked and made mattresses using futuristic design and that are constructed using the advanced technologies specially designed to provide you extreme comfort and provide you great comfort.

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Advantages of buying a mattress from ShinySleep

  1. Motion Isolation factor: When you move around or keep shifting throughout your sleep, it creates a motion transfer that the other person can feel.


  2. Back Support: Our mattress provide proper support to the backbone and avoid the user from feeling any discomfort.


  3. Conforming ability: Our mattresses conform to the sleeper’s body to help align the spine and prevent the pressure points from developing.


  4. Temperature neutrality: Our mattresses provide a neutral environment and keep the temperature constant.


    These are the key features our mattress provides. Our all mattresses are designed and manufactured in India. 

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For more information, you can visit our website and get more information regarding to the mattress and its related items.