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Neeladri Chowdhury
January 1, 1970

I ordered an 8 inch king size pocket spring mattress after much discussion with them. Yes. The price is higher than other available in the market. But once I got the product I was really happy. Excellent mattress. Well made and looks great. Correct firmness. And I ordered 2 more.

piyush kumar
January 1, 1970

Hi Team,

I have ordered the second mattress from shinysleep. They are highly professional and very good service.

Rachita Midha
January 1, 1970

This is a very good mattress. I bought this to replace my old mattress which was mainly all memory foam. This one not only feels great, but also has a robust build quality! Will totally recommend it

manikanta mokidi
January 1, 1970

I initially thought that paying more will help me to get comfortable Mattress but that's not true. Mattresses Brands like Shinysleep helps me to understand perfect mattress based on my need and given me Ortho plus mattress. Using it from 7 months and best quality Mattress at best price I have used till now.

Rahul Goel
January 1, 1970

What do I say? There are no words to explain how great ShinySleep mattresses are.

From providing great service to great value and information about not only products, but also sleep and everything related to it.

I wish i could give more but, google allows only 5 stars.

Thank you for providing great service!

rahul jasuja
January 1, 1970

Excellent Orthopaedic Memory foam mattress i bought from shinysleep.

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