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6 in - 15.24 cm
8 in - 20.32 cm

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Product Specifications

  • Mattress Feel

    A complete Natural product free from harmful chemical pincore holes
    increases air circulation by 10 times thus does not let you sleep hot

  • Certified Latex

    Made with eco-INSTITUT certified 100% natural latex.

  • Warranty

    11 Years manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Mattress Material

    In 6 inch 85D Natural Latex foam is use to support and
    align you sprine in correct position.

    In 8 inch mattress bottom 6 inch is 85D and top 2 Inch is
    75D to provide more comfort and firmness to the mattress.

  • Mattress Usability

    Usable on both sides.

  • Shipping

    Direct from factory/warehouse
    No roll packing.

    Delivered in Actual shape.
  • Cover

    100% organic cotton top cover for Latex Mttress with 550 GSM Fabric.
    Which means it is an asthma, itching and allergy free mattress.

  • Cover Type

    Knitted fabric Quilited mattress with polly cotton fabric for the quilting
    which insures breathability.

  • Available Offers 0% (No Cost) EMI On major Credit Cards
    Bajaj Finance EMI Zest money

    Cash On Delivery
    111 Nights Free Trial Offer

What are customer say about us!

Why to select Natural Latex

What is Latex?

The type of mattress that you might’ve heard is Eco-friendly and anti-microbial is constructed up of an element that is derived from trees – Latex. It is the magic fluid used up in the mattresses which provides you the comfort of your life. It is a natural sap derived from the rubber tree which is then turned from foam to liquid.

But, the mattress we use is in solid form so is there a twist?

No, it’s not! the liquid is poured into the molds and is baked under a certain temperature.

The Result?

An elegant, comfortable, and of course nature-friendly mattress which will turn your sleepless nights into ones with a mystical and snuggly sleep.

But wait! Is every mattress that is provided in the market Natural?

Well, it depends upon what you settle for.

Latex mattresses are available in two types

  • Pure Latex Mattress
    It is a green alternative, which incorporates natural latex being devoid of any chemical substances.
  • Synthetic Latex mattress
    It contains the same molecular compound as natural latex but the only difference is that it is constructed up of man-made ingredients. basically, it is a look-alike of natural latex!

So if it’s the same then why choose natural over synthetic?

100 percent natural Latex mattress is proven to be extremely durable and will last longer than any other type of mattress component.

Natural latex foam will possess a much milder and less abrasive odor which makes it a lot more preferable over the synthetic mattress.

So, now what should you prefer? Something completely natural or pretense! The choice is yours!

What makes Shinysleep Mattress different then others

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    Temperature Control

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    111 Nights-free Trial

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    10 Years Genuine Warranty

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    Paramount Quality

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    Free Doorstep Delivery

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    0% EMI


  • Yes, obviously! generally, we all spend almost 1/3 of our daily time on Mattress and it’s very important to sleep on Natural Material that is directly in touch with our body parts.

    Both the mattresses come with a span 10 to 20 years warranty. However, the life of Natural Latex is up to 50 years. In any weather condition, the life of a Hybrid latex mattress is up to 15 to 20 years.

    It varies from 20 to 50 years.

    The Latex mattress which Shinysleep Provides is not so costly as there is no Middle-Man and it comes Directly from Factory to customer.

    Latex Mattress is Hard or Soft, It depends on density. The Natural Latex Mattress we made is Medium soft that suits all age groups.

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Natural Latex



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