What is the Science Behind a Good Mattress?

A good mattress, what can be the perfect definition of that? 
  • Good quality?
  • Reasonable pricing?
  • Warranty?

That is just a fraction of it.

Let’s break down the exact definition before checking the science behind a good mattress.

A good mattress is the one which is perfectly suitable for the user.

That means it is made up of strong and sturdy build quality which provides the optimal comfort to the user without wearing out soon and burning a hole in the pocket of the buyer.

That was the definition which supports the cause of a buyer

Now let’s have a look at how a good quality mattress is backed by science? 

Spinal Support :


How supportive your mattress is, this is one of the most important points one should look for in a mattress. If a mattress doesn’t provide good spinal support it  qualifies straight for a bad mattress.

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A mattress with a good back support will keep your spine aligned without putting any pressure on it.

One quick way to test spinal alignment is by laying on the mattress and having someone else visually check the straightness of your back when you lie.

Temperature :


Ideally the best thing for a mattress is to be not too hot so as to provide a cooling effect when you lie down on it. The materials used to construct a mattress are crucial in deciding the thermal management ability of the mattress.

If the mattress  doesn;t restrict the airflow, there will be a cooling effect acting up against your body whenever you put your body to rest upon it.

Firmness :


Is the mattress firm enough to provide optimal support to your body without letting it sink in and also not being too hard giving you the feeling of sleeping on a rock at the same time.

The best thing to look for in a mattress is the ability of being medium-soft incorporating the best of both worlds theory.

Pressure relief :


The ability of the mattress to relieve your back from any external pressure acting against it is an important factor deciding its quality. A good quality mattress generally distributes the pressure equally, providing the user ultimate comfort.

Damage resistance :


A good Quality mattress would be able to retain its performance characteristics without getting out of shape after prolonged use. A 10-year warranty could hint at it being damage resistant which means it will last you at least a decade before it begins to get saggy and uncomfortable.

These are the five points that scientifically proves a mattress to be of good quality if it contains all of them.

Shinysleep’s entire mattress line is manufactured after keeping in mind the above five points and also the ones mentioned in the beginning.

What do we recommend? 

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