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Neck Pain from Sleeping

Did you ever wake up to unbelievable pain in your neck right after you leave your bed? Don’t worry you are not alone there more people suffering from neck pain after sleeping than you think.

Firstly you didn’t do anything wrong you can have a stiff neck after sleeping for quite a few reasons which can be corrected with a few simple fixes.




There can be many causes of a sore neck from sleeping. A bad sleeping position and not so good pillow are the top two.


1. Sleeping posture:

As we know every human performs several functions differently and varies from other humans due to its uniqueness. Sleeping position is one of them. Every person has their own preferred sleeping position. You might be a side sleeper stomach sleeper or even a back sleeper. But if you are sleeping on your stomach you might have a chance of waking up big neck pain. There are chances that while sleeping on your stomach you may feel a twisting sensation for a long time which can strain the muscles of your neck turning into a severe neck pain in the morning.

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2. Unnoticed movements

Sudden unnoticed movements while sleeping can ruin your neck for the morning. Movements such as waking up quickly from a nightmare or neck movements while sleeping. Even tossing and turning can strain the muscles of your neck exposing it to sudden stress.


3. Pillow

Pillows are the top reason why your neck feels stiff in the morning. We spend at least 8 hours resting our head and our neck on the pillow. In such a case, if you have a pillow that does not support your head and neck you can wake up with neck pain frequently. Researchers believe memory foam pillows to be one of the healthiest and safest pillows for your neck. Even shiny sleep buyers prefer memory foam pillows over any other.


4. Working for long hours

In the digital age, we all are accustomed to working in closed spaces with laptops on our lap and our heads staring into it. Being in the same position for long hours can be really harmful to your neck.



No one wants you to wake up with a sore in the neck that can be barely moved without pain. But you will be surprised to know that stiff neck can be treated at home with a few simple home remedies.


1. Cold or hot therapy

When you notice the neck pain, apply some ice on the affected area. The application of ice should go on for at least 10 to 20 minutes. Alternatively you can try heat therapy by using a hot water bottle or warm shower. The heat from the shower all the bottle will act upon the neck loosening the muscles and reducing the pain. Heat therapy should be definitely applied if the neck pain doesn’t go for a day or two.


2. Massaging your neck


Neck massage is recommended after hot or cold therapy. Self-massage can relax the muscles and the ligaments to a great extent. It will not reduce the pain instantly but it will help in gradually increasing the neck flexibility. Along with the neck massage, some gentle stretching can ease the pain too. The real goal here is to loosen the muscles and give them room to breathe so any force applied to it should be very gentle.


3. Pain-Killers

If the pain is unbearable and nothing seems to be working you can always go for some medications. Naproxen or Ibuprofen are generally recommended for neck stiffness or severe pain.



Prevention is always better than cure. Though you cannot prevent all types of neck stiffness there are some precautions you can take to prevent some neck pain.


1. Correct pillow

There are different types of pillows available which can support your head and neck and prevent most of the neck stiffness. As we have already mentioned, a memory foam pillow can be very beneficial for most of the people. Side sleepers can try placing an extra pillow between the knees. This well and sure spine alignment and neck pain prevention.

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2. The right sleeping position

Sleeping position can affect your neck state a lot. Avoid sleeping on the stomach because it puts a lot of stress on your spine and ultimately your head is pushed to either side. This can cause severe neck pain. It is recommended to sleep on your back. This causes the least amount of stress on your spine.


3. Ideal temperature

Cool temperatures are known to be one of the causes behind the stiff neck. Direct cool air blown on your neck is the reason for neck pain. There hasn’t been a wide scientific research on the specific topic but it is beneficial to.



Waking up with a stiff neck is very common and the good news is neck pain from sleeping can be easily treated with home remedies. You just have to follow the advice given in the blog above and avoid the things that can cause neck pain easily like bad sleeping posture, working for long hours in one position and sleeping on the wrong pillow. When not sleeping try focusing on your posture and make changes whenever you are aware about it. Also, keep your neck muscles relax and on the move with some regular exercise.