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Disadvantages of a Latex Mattress

There are a lot of advantages of a latex mattress. As nothing is perfect in this universe, latex mattress also have some drawbacks.

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The following list has all the major disadvantages that a latex mattresses usually has:
  1. Firmness: Excessive firmness is the most common problem reported by consumers of latex mattresses.
    You should always check Impression Load Deflection (ILD) information before buying a mattress to get an added insight as higher ILDs mean firmer foam while lower ILDs mean softer foam.
    So you can choose your desired one accordingly.



    Usually, the majority of the mattresses feel much more firm in the first few weeks of use.


  2. Heaviness: The heavy weight of the mattress is a major issue for some latex mattress consumers who had faced difficulty moving the mattress, particularly when they are alone.

    The majority of high-quality latex mattresses will be heavy than many other types of mattresses. 

    That being said, all mattresses differ very much in their weight which depends on the different types of materials used in the mattress and their density present inside it.


  3. Compression: Compression occurs when the mattress forms imprints where the person generally sleeps. This problem has been faced by a lot of latex mattresses users.

    This usually occurs when a mattress is shared by two individuals as both are more likely to sleep in the same spot every night.

    These impressions do not cause any type of comfort or support problems but can limit the natural movement of the sleeper in a few cases.


  4. Motion transfer: latex mattresses provide decent separating motion from one side of the mattress to the other but its motion transfer is not as good as a memory foam mattress.
    Latex has a natural bouncy feel which can disturb your partner if you’re not careful in some cases.

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  5. Heat: latex mattresses are generally hot which is not liked by some people. There are very low heat related complaints against it, but still, make sure the mattress has a clean and clear breathable cover made up of natural cotton or wool so that can allow maximum air flow for temperature neutrality.



  6. Pressure. While latex mattress performs decently in relieving pressure but still it not so good in relieving pressure as its other alternatives, as memory foam does.


  7. Price: Perhaps the last and one of the biggest barriers to consumers choosing this type of mattress is the high price. Latex is generally one of the most expensive materials purchased by manufacturers to prepare it.
    Latex mattresses usually tend to be more expensive than a regular spring coil mattress or memory foam mattress.
    It is very much durable and part of the cost increase is creating a durable mattress.

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Also, you’ll get a more comfortable sleep, healthier body support and a more hygienic way to sleep when you use a latex mattress. 

Furthermore, a really high-end spring coil mattress could quite simply price more than a latex mattress, however, it doesn’t provide similar performance compared to a latex mattress.