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Always remember to fall asleep with a dream, and wake up with a purpose. But to luxuriate in your dream world, one needs a sound and peaceful sleep. And, we @Shinysleep commit you the most comfortable time of your day, the blissful night! Shinysleep is not only a mattress making brand but an experience of good sleep and hassle-free purchase experience.

After communicating with people we realized the needs, importance and the utmost necessity of a “good reliable mattress” in one’s life. We actually want to deliver that one “perfect” mattress so as to solve the troublesome process of buying mattresses, and of course in accordance with quality. We started visiting different mattress manufacturing units to test and identify various combinations of materials used to create a perfect mattress. And finally, with a refined research of one and a half year, we came out with Shinysleep (A single place to end your search of finding a “perfect” mattress!)

Our Mission

To stay fit at your workplace and throughout your daily routines, to relax after a long tiring day or after a long vacation, or even to add a sound sleep experience for baby and mother, all you need is a proper relaxed sleep which is possible with a comfortable and body-comforting mattress. Hence, analyzing the need for today’s stressful life and people’s basic requirements, we came up with this innovation.
Our strength is not just dependent on a range of comfort level and ultramodern offerings for various consumers but is also a result of the trust and security that our valuable customers have invested in us just in the inception and entry level phase of our business.

Shinysleep will soon pioneer the mattress market through its unprecedented quality offering and customer centric approach.


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You Can also Get Natural Latex Mattress, Memory foam pillows, Waterproof Mattress Protector, Comforters, etc. based on your need.